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Logo designed by “Sunflower” by Juliandra Jones aka PBJ Customs (

SEED Money is a rapid-response funding program launched in 2021 by Pittsburgh-based artist and arts administrator Jessica Gaynelle Moss in partnership with the Office of Public Art (OPA). This initiative-- shaped by the input of a faction of Pittsburgh-based artists, administrators, curators and creatives-- invests in our local artist community with small unrestricted grants, access to the public art realm, professional artist support, networking and mentorship opportunities.


Through a community nomination process, The Seed Money Fund will award up to ten (10) grants to Black artists, collectives, activators, activists and curators throughout Allegheny County who are new to the public art sector. 

As part of their grant award (up to $3500), up to 10 Seed Money artists will receive:

  • Connection to a broad network of Black artists and arts professionals

  • Compensation for all Seed Money meetings, reviews, and sessions

  • Professional support via Office Hours with SEED Money staff, OPA staff, and industry-specific consultants, including review of work samples, resumes, websites, proposals, and more

  • Participation on the Anti-Panel, a gathering of Black artists, creatives, and arts professionals designed to further mutual support and feedback

  • Mentorship and guidance from industry professionals

  • Feedback on their proposal submission

We plant seeds, or early stage investments, that nurture the growth of individual artists, enabling our local community and the entire public art sector to flourish.

Questions? Please contact  theseedmoneyfund @

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