P E R F O R M  something.

R O O T E D   A L O F T 

Sometimes the best things happen by chance.  


In the summer of 2012, three friends briefly found themselves in the same place at the same time. Adam was unemployed with a trajectory toward NYC. Kit, was working behind the scenes on a TV show. Jessica was working at an art studio during the day and at a restaurant during the evenings.


The three played together every possible moment, sometimes with gaps of weeks between sessions, and most times binging their creative juices until they could hardly form their own sentences. 


During that seemingly never-ending but oh-too-short summer, before they'd all be separated, they found a common urge to make something guttural, spontaneous and above all, strange.  


From those sessions came their first group of songs released as the '40/waves EP'. But the future, as their name suggests, it's up in the air. 

T W E N T Y  F O U R  K A R A T

T W E N T Y F O U R K A R A T has been collaborating since 2008 and has performed in Pittsburgh PA and New York City.


With a throwback to early hip hop's sexy bass beats, the bouncy mellodies of bubblegum pop, and the transcending lyrical exclamations of celebration, festivities and excitement, T W E N T Y F O U R K A R A T  demands your attention and invites you, to not only sing along but, to grab a drink and join the party. 


The GOLD+Diamond philosophy is all about having fun, making fun, and taking names.


T W E N T Y F O U R K A R A T is:

$n€åK¥ MIKE


"We came here to party-- What ya'll standing 'round for?"