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Logo designed by Jessica Gaynelle Moss.

Pittsburgh will soon have its first upscale artist oasis located in the historic and culturally-vibrant Hill District community of Sugar Top. Building on the cultural legacy that already exists in The Hill, The Garfield PGH will continue to bring Black artists of different mediums, disciplines and backgrounds from all over the world.


Conceived by artist Jessica Gaynelle Moss in 2021, The Garfield PGH, named after the artist’s paternal grandfather who previously owned the home, is a 2,160 square foot multi-family residence built in 1915. Moss will collaborate with architects, designers and contractors to transform the residential space into a sexy, luxurious, comfortable short-term living experience for Black artists visiting Pittsburgh. 


Scheduled to open in fall 2022,  local art organizations and individuals will be able to rent the space for short periods of time in an effort to accommodate their unique artists housing needs. Short term and flexible leases will be accepted and rental rates will be affordable. The Garfield PGH is a space for us, and by us.

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