Illuminating Blackness, 2017


Chris Watts: Blahk on Blahk on Blak
8 March - 8 April 2017
Solo Exhibition at Gallery Twenty - Two in Charlotte, NC.
Essay and Curation by Jessica Moss


W R I T E  something.




My Country, 2013


Based on a text by Renee Green, Survival- Ruminations in Archival Lacunae.



A WORK IN PROGRESS: Looking Closely at Change, 2013 - 2015


A Work In Progress: Looking Closely at Change is comprised of a written document, a digital anthology (including music samples, experimental sound projects based on recorded interviews, thematic illustrations and concept maps), as well as a proposal for an community-based interactive installation. This developing, emergent project analyzes the notion of change in regard to the fundamental rights of the black community in the U.S. since the Civil Rights movement. By investigating progress and digressions, and including discourse around issues of representation, themes of accessibility, disenfranchisement, tokenism, degradation of self worth and value, this document provides an array of ethnographic evidence and demands that its reader play an active role in moving beyond racialized oppression in the US.



Calling upon ways of unlearning, rethinking, creating and sustaining change through the framework of cultural engagement, these conversations or ‘vignettes’ function as windows into an even bigger dialogue about racialized injustices and the role of the arts as a vehicle for change. By including the personal accounts and experiences of colleagues and professionals involved in the arts and culture, I aim to elicit strategies for facilitating radical change within the creative and cultural sector. This is a call to arms. Only by reconciling differences, soliciting open dialogue and taking part in actively challenging the unhelpful rhetoric about these issues will the United States be able to move forward, beyond oppression, in an inclusive manner.