Jessica Gaynelle Moss is a custodian of Black art. She is deeply invested in supporting artists over time rather than the cultivation of an art object. The works that she surrounds herself with have been carefully assembled with intention and through dedicated research.


Moss has amassed an impressive interdisciplinary collection of works by artists including Carris Adams,  Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.,  Christopher Chan,  Damien Davis,  Ayana Evans + Tsedaye Makonnen,  Yashua Klos,  Ayanah Moor,  Mario Moore,  Carmen Neely,  Deborah Roberts,  Shori Sims,  SHAN Wallace,  Chris Watts  and many others.

[R] Yashua Klos, 'The First Seen ‘Two Crown’ Meteor’, 2010 ; [L] SWOON, 'Braddock Steel', 2008