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Logo designed by Nebulon Xross.

The TFA Curatorial Fellowship launched in 2021 by Charlotte-based artist and curator Jessica Gaynelle Moss in partnership with Irina Toshkova of TFA Advisory. This initiative acts as a springboard for emerging and early-career curators by providing financial support, professional development, and practical experience. 


Each year, one emerging curator is provided with a $3000 unrestricted honorarium, one-on-one mentorship with a national practitioner, connection to a broad network of artists and arts professionals, professional support including review of resumes, websites, proposals, and more, and a $10,000 budget to produce a small publication and exhibition at TFAA (2325 Crescent Ave, Charlotte, NC 28207).


In an effort to continue to build community through the Fellowship, each year’s previous Fellow and Mentor will work with TFA to select the incoming Mentor and Fellowship recipient and make suggestions for future iterations of the program.

Applicant Eligibility

  • 18 years of age by the time of submission

  • Identify as an emerging or early-career curator

  • Identify as someone from a historically excluded group 

  • Committed to racial, gender and cultural equity work within the arts

  • Yet to have experienced or led a curatorial project with more than a $3K+ budget

*preference will be given to applicants who are local to NC, and to those who identify as historically excluded. 



Applicant Requirements

  • Minimum 1 previous curatorial project with an accredited institution

  • Eager to write about their practice for a public audience

  • Ability to work independently and to respond to feedback promptly

  • Open to feedback from Curatorial Team, who will work to strengthen your practice

  • Brings creative and critical approaches to curation

  • Has a strong vision for their future project


As part of their Fellowship, the early-career curator will receive:

  • $3000 unrestricted honorarium (½ at the start of Fellowship, ½ sent after exhibition opens)

  • One-on-one mentorship and guidance from a national practitioner

  • Connection to a broad network of artists and arts professionals

  • Professional support including review of resume, website, proposals and more

  • $10,000 budget to produce a small publication and exhibition at TFAA


Fellowship Outcomes

  • 2 month Exhibition (5-7 larger pieces, 10 smaller works)

  • Written Didactics (Exhibition Description, At a Glance statement, Wall Labels, Social Media captions)

  • Printed tri-fold publication with exhibition related writing and imagery

  • 1 community-centric exhibition-related Program or workshop

  • 2 min documentary resulting from the Fellowship

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